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Where would YOU go if you could?

How To Fly Anywhere In The World For FREE For The Rest Of Your Life!


The Caribbean?

Visit Family?

Free Flights Club is going to make that happen for you!

Or better yet, what if you could fly to all of those destinations and more in the next few months, even flying First Class, while booking your tickets for practically free?

Here’s the truth;

With the secret “loopholes” I’m about to share, now YOU could fly almost anywhere in the world on dozens of different airlines for almost nothing, basically FREE, IF you know how to do it!

I’m Mike Cramer and by now, you're probably thinking…

“Free flights? How do I do that?”

My friend, THIS is your lucky day.


Look, we’ve all been there.

We all want to travel more but the high cost of airfare can really make it unreachable for a lot of us.

If you have the money to spare, it takes time to save up for the tickets, and by then the prices go up even higher.

Perhaps you don’t how or where to look for the best deals on cheap airline tickets.

Maybe you’ve been saving your credit card and frequent flyer miles to go towards tickets, but because of the restrictions and the hoops you have to jump through from the credit card companies and the airlines, by the time you’re finally ready to go you can’t get the flight that works best for you

…or your credit card miles expire, unused, and worthless.

When YOU become a member of The Free Flights Club, all of that changes.

Because we’ll show you EXACTLY how to work with (and around) the credit card companies and airlines.

You’ll learn the tricks, the secrets, the “loopholes,” to get flights for almost nothing and sometimes even FREE, Anytime, to anywhere, for almost as many trips as you want to take!

FREE or Practically FREE Flights Around The Country Or Around The World On Dozens Of Airlines!

You can learn the tricks, the secrets and the hidden loopholes that will allow you to earn miles AND FREE tickets, (including even First Class or Business Class tickets,) almost anytime you want for flights to anywhere you want!

check Even if you’ve never flown before
check Even if you don’t have a passport
check Even if you haven’t had a vacation for years
check Even if you think you can’t afford it
check Even with a low or bad credit score

You could learn how to get airline tickets at a 90 to 97% discount, or even FREE with:


Free Or Cheap Airfare Is Just The Start! YOU Will Treated Like A VIP!

Imagine access to the airlines’ private airport lounges, free meals and beverages, early boarding, skipping the long security lines, free baggage check and even more VIP perks!

All of that along with the added benefit of watching your credit score SOAR!  It’s a quick and simple process too.

If you can spend just an hour or so a month doing what we show you, (without adding any monthly expenses to your budget,) working with the credit card companies and the airlines, you could be able to fly anywhere you want to…

Anywhere in the world, even First Class, for the rest of your life for practically nothing and sometimes even FREE

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in our
comprehensive, step-by-step video training;

check How to build up free airline miles to fly anywhere in the world
check How to apply for the credit cards that pay the most miles
check Step-by-step instructions showing exactly HOW to apply
check Which cards to apply for and when is the best time to apply
check How to double your chances of getting cards that pay the most miles even with a low credit score
check How to instantly bump your credit score by dozens of points
check Why some frequent flyer points are much more valuable than others
check An amazing technique for automating your credit card payments
check How to see your credit score rapidly increase while you’re racking up free miles
check Exclusive websites for finding credit cards that pay big miles just for signing up
check How to get high mile business credit cards even if you don't own your own business
check How you could eliminate the airlines’ fees and costs to get tickets for 90-97% off and sometimes even FREE
check Exactly how to use your miles for the best airline deals
check Step-by-step instructions for booking the flights you want when you want to take them
check Secret links to websites where the real “travel hackers” discover the best flight deals

Plus, many more valuable tips, tricks, secrets & loopholes
that would take years to discover, IF you could even
find them to begin with!

If you can spend an hour or so a month following the simple steps we’ll teach you, techniques that WON’T add a dime to your monthly budget but will actually increase your credit score, you could enjoy airfare for a 90-97% discount (sometimes even free) for the rest of your life…

When You’re A Member Of
The Free Flights Club!


Having family all over the country and loving to travel the way the way my wife and I do, I spent years having to pay those high airline ticket prices just to be able to visit our loved ones or take vacations.  Since most of us aren’t “made of money,” (and I’m certainly not an exception there,) I usually couldn’t take the trips I wanted to or visit my family as much as I would have liked.

But since learning the secrets in the Free Flights Club videos, we've traveled to destinations we wouldn't have dreamed of going to before.

We’ve stayed in exotic hidden retreats in the warm Mexican jungle, I’ve had waiters serve me fancy umbrella drinks on the beach in St. Lucia, we even sipped on lattes’ in a Parisian café’ with the Eifel Tower towering over us!  There’s no way we would’ve been able to afford any of that before the Free Flights Club.

One of the Best Parts About Being Able to Fly Anywhere for FREE is...

I get to go see my kids and grandkids around the country anytime I want! They almost get tired of me popping in on them! (of course, I’m kidding… I think.)
* The results experienced are not typical consumer results and results may vary.

Another bonus I’ve discovered in the Free Flights Club is that I can use my miles to book free or nearly free tickets for family members so they can come and see me whenever they want to.

When you could get a $1,000+ round trip ticket to New York, Paris, London, Rome, Rio, Thailand or anywhere in the world for just $10 or $15 in taxes or fees, (and sometimes even free)

You’ll join people of all ages, all income levels, and from all over the US and Canada who are using these methods to fly all over the world for practically peanuts!

And don’t forget, as an added benefit your credit score will go up while you’re racking up the free miles in the…


What destination is on YOUR Bucket List?

What if you could snorkel among the coral reefs at a Caribbean island?

How about a long, leisurely walk down one of the amazing beaches in Southern California?

Or hiking and climbing around one of the remarkable snow-capped mountains in New Zealand…

Or traveling to Hong Kong and being fitted for an amazing, custom-made tailored suit…

Or being able to spend a week or two or even more exploring the sites and shopping in Paris…

Or enjoying the fall colors with your kids or grandkids in the Northeast?

For Most of Us, Those Bucket List
Travel Destinations Never Come True

I mean, really, who has that kind of money?

But when you become a member of the Free Flights Club not only could you start checking off those items on your bucket list, you could be able to fly to destinations around the country and around the world for practically nothing…

And sometime even FREE for the rest of your life!


Here’s some of what you’ll get in the easy-to-follow, in depth, step-by-step video training series as a member of the Free Flights Club:

  • We’ll show you how to improve your credit score.You can learn the steps to take today, tomorrow and next year that will put you in the “cream of the crop” when it comes to your credit score. One quick trick will improve your score 45-50 points almost instantly!
  • You’ll get the inside scoop on frequent flyer miles; how to get them and how to use them. We’ll leave nothing to chance and you’ll never have to learn these lessons the hard way. NOT following these steps can cost you miles, free flights and even HURT your credit score.
  • We’ll tell you which cards to apply for and how to double your chances of getting approved. 1,000s of people just like you and me, people of all ages and income levels, are being awarded tens of thousands of free miles by the credit card companies… and it takes less than an hour a month to make it all happen!
  • You’ll learn how to hit the credit card companies’ spending requirements to redeem the miles they’re going to give you. We’ll show you how to artificially add more spending on your credit card, without adding any more money coming out of your pocket.
  • We’ll share some tricky loopholes for you eliminate the credit card company fees and costs, automatically, ethically and legally, so that your credit cards will actually be 100% FREE! Not doing this will cost you hundreds of dollars in fees every year. You’ll also learn how to eliminate those sneaky fuel surcharges, airport taxes and foreign transaction fees.
  • We’ll put it all together in the exact, step-by-step method you’ll be using to book your flights, fast, easy, effortlessly, saving 90-97% and sometimes even flying completely FREE! This is a process that’s so simple, even a child could do it!
  • You’ll get even more advanced strategies for booking cheap or free flights in minutes, how to find hidden flights that don’t even show up on the airlines’ websites, the airports you must avoid to save on the hidden fuel fees, how to turn a two-hour layover into a two-week vacation for FREE and much, much more.

That’s just some of what YOU will have access to when you become a member of


Training videos, PDFs, Excel worksheets, secret, backdoor website links, special travel search engines…

Our pages are packed with valuable information you won’t find anywhere else.

The Free Flights Club video course will take you from start to finish. From knowing absolutely nothing about frequent flyer programs to piling up hundreds of thousands of airline miles and flying anywhere in the world for practically FREE!

And you could be able to book as many FREE vacations as you want, any time you want, to anywhere you want…

YEAH... Free Airline Tickets For LIFE!

THAT is what you’re getting as a member of the Free Flights Club when you join on this page right now for a low, one-time payment of only $47.

There has never been a better time to start travelling, and
Free Flights Club will help you do it easily and affordably!

You could save several times that much with the very first ticket!

For only $47 you could be setting yourself up to fly free or nearly free, anywhere, for the rest of your life!

And we’ll throw in 3 incredible bonuses that will have you taking even more vacations for even less money.

  • BONUS 1 - You could learn an easy way to never pay checked bag fees. Forget the $25 or $50 fees. Free is better. And we’ll show you how to never pay those high overweight bag fees too. Plus, we’ll fill you in on a tricky way to skip the long lines and take advantage of early boarding. Free checked bags PLUS priority boarding. You’re going to love this bonus.

  • BONUS 2 - How to turn a quick layover or plane change into an extra day or two or even a month’s long vacation! Layovers happen, especially in international travel. But why sit around the airport for hours when you’ll learn how to have the airlines asking YOU to stay longer, to take an extra vacation on them!

  • BONUS 3 - How to never let your miles expires and how to always turn them into free airline tickets. We’ll show you exactly how NOT to let your miles go to waste. Also, we’ll tell you which airlines are the worst when it comes to redeeming miles for free tickets.

  • BONUS 4 - How to get bucket early boarding, access to the airlines’ private airport lounges, how to get free upgrades, how to skip through long, security check-in lines and many, many more VIP perks that are usually reserved only for the richest air travelers.

All of the powerful information you’ll receive as a member of the Free Flights Club is going to save you tens of thousands of dollars in the next few years. All for a low, one-time payment of only $47!



Look, airline travel can get very expensive. The tickets, the fees, the surcharges, the baggage; it adds up quick.
I understand if you’ve been putting off those trips you’ve always dreamed of taking.

But right here, right now, for a one-time payment of only $47…

YOU, my friend, are being handed the secrets, the key…

To practically FREE airline travel for life.

Your membership will pay for itself many times over the very first time you use it! You’re about to unlock a brand new world…

The complete globe will be at your fingertips…

When you’re able to travel anywhere you want, any time you want…

For free as a member of the Free Flights Club.


It should be an easy decision,

Would you rather stay on your couch watching the Travel Channel show about the elephants of Thailand?

Or hop on a jet and fly to Thailand to see the elephants; to touch them, to ride them?

Would you rather tell your grandson over the phone good luck in his game?

Or catch a flight to the west coast to watch him score that winning touchdown in person?

You could do nothing but sit around at home wishing you were traveling. Or you could push the button on this page

And Start Travelling FOR FREE!

Sure, you could try to figure it all out on your own by spending countless frustrating hours getting the runaround, spending money you don’t have trying to get it all to come together and even hurting your credit score in the process.

Or you could push the button on this page and get started right away.

My friend, the world is out there waiting for you. YOU could be out there in it, flying around the world for practically nothing or even free.

It’s a quick, simple process that takes about an hour a month and reward you with virtually free airline tickets for the rest of your life, while you’re improving your credit score.

What are YOU waiting for?

Go ahead, click the button now and become a member of…





** The results experienced are not typical consumer results and results may vary.